We offer:


  • An unbiased snapshot and management recommendation of your existing or planned investments
  • Partner opportunities in new investment projects
  • Technical and Commercial management for your ships, including LNG, Tankers and Bulk Carriers
  • The ability to run marine projects globally
  • Immediate management action to stabilize your ship(s) value
  • Development and implementation of workable strategies to improve your ships core asset value
  • Work to finish “broken” or incomplete projects based on aggressive cost management and subject to market timing considerations
  • Prepare marketing programs and use broker relationships to facilitate disposition of the assets as market conditions permit

Adding value through:

  • Monitoring global trading and customer management strategies
  • Ensuring focus on risk management, technical performance and operating expenditure optimization strategies
  • Advising on the identification and mitigation of financial transaction risks by appropriate deal, financing and governance structures
  • Impartial maritime specific commercial, technical and financial advice
  • Global swift response and mobilization to monitor your marine manager’s assets
  • An immediate and credible recognized executive management team



“”It is very easy to create the illusion of better $$$ returns in the short term by simply slashing a red pen through OPEX, CAPEX or Training budgets. A more sustainable approach is achieved by a relentless focus on improving overall efficiency and by being the best at what you do.” – Robert Hedley